Martin, Neal: The Complete Bordeaux Vintage Guide

150 Years from 1870 to 2020
A uniquely comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Bordeaux vintages
Autor Martin, Neal
Verlag Hardie Grant Publishing Group
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Erscheinungsjahr 2023
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Abbildungen Hardback; Text-only
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A uniquely comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Bordeaux vintages
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Über den Autor Martin, Neal

Neal Martin’s career in wine began in 1996 as a wine buyer for Japan Airlines where he specialised in Bordeaux and Burgundy. In 2006 Neal was asked by the most influential wine critic in the world, Robert Parker, to join his team at The Wine Advocate where he was the first non-American to hold a position. In December 2012 Neal self-published a 600-page book, Pomerol, that became the standard text for the region, winning the inaugural André Simon John Avery Award and the Louis Roederer Chairman's Award in 2013. He took over coverage of Bordeaux when Parker retired in 2014. In 2018 Neal accepted a position at Vinous where he covers Bordeaux and Burgundy to the present day. His reviews and scores are quoted by merchants around the world and over 25 years he has amassed considerable first-hand knowledge of mature vintages.

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